Building and maintaining momentum as you pursue your purpose, is a good thing. But moving forward without stopping to pause and reflect on key elements relating to God, yourself and your life can slow your progress or hinder your effectiveness.

What does it mean to stop and reflect?

“Be still, and know that I am God.” ~Psalm 46:10 NIV
To pause and reflect is more than just thinking for a while about how things are going or what to do next. When you are focusing on God’s purpose for your life, this time is a meeting with God with the purpose of listening to what He is speaking or impressing upon you with the intention of making purposeful changes where and when needed. This time to check in with God and yourself should be a time where you tune out all distractions so that you can truly be still, surrender all to Him, prayerfully and honestly listen to Him and your inner self, and write down your revelations and revised plans. This can be a single sessions such as a retreat with God, or it can be broken up into multiple sessions each with a focus on different aspects of your purpose and life.

3 Reasons to Pause and Reflect as You Pursue Your Purpose

Why should we stop and reflect on our lives? In my video I explain what areas need to be “listened to” in your life to make sure that you remain walking in God’s will and an effective instrument to carry out His will. You might be wondering what happens if we do not stop and reflect as you move forward in your goals. If you keep pushing forward and don’t purposefully pause and reflect, there are many inner life priorities that could be overlooked that may impact your effectiveness and outer life preparation needs you may not recognize that may hinder your progress. My articles Inner Life Priorities for Finding God’s Purpose for You and Prepare Your Outer Life for Walking in Your Divine Calling will bring more awareness of why it’s important to take time to assess and reflect on our purpose, person and life as a whole.

Coaching Pause and Reflect Questions:

  1. Where have I stopped listening to God’s voice and started following my own, someone else’s or the world’s?
  2. Where am I losing momentum or interest? gaining new passion?
  3. What thoughts are serving me? hindering me?
  4. What areas of my physical, emotional and mental wellbeing need more attention moving forward?
  5. What have I not yet surrendered to God that is now or could become an obstacle to walking effectively in my purpose?
  6. Which parts of my personal or home life are being left behind as I push forward?
  7. What relationships do I need to strengthen? build?

If you could benefit from some guidance in your pause and reflect sessions, download my free Purposeful Living Assessment & Reflections Guide here. This free gift to you will help you to assess where you are now in the major areas of your life, and spend time partnering with God and reflecting on what doable next steps you can take to align with His vision for you.