As a Christian, God calls you to be faithful to His purposes for you in loving God and others. He also has purposes for you as you carry out the responsibilities of your daily life. And you likely often focus on trying your best to fulfill those calls on your life.

But God has a specific purpose for your life that is a unique calling to impact lives in a way only you can. So understanding your individual Christian life purpose isn’t just something optional and good to do, but a desire God has for you–that He created you for.

To some purpose might seem like a “pie in the sky” concept that you can never figure out or reach. But I want to encourage you that it is definitely possible to uncover God’s call on your life.

Others may believe purpose is to follow whatever your role is at your job or in your household. And those responsibilities may be part of what He’s asking you to do, but I want to let you know that God has a special plan for you in addition to your role in life and you can carry out this calling in different ways in any season.

You may know that for a Christian, life purpose is what God designed you to do to serve others for Kingdom impact, but just don’t know where to start to discover what that is for you. Or you may know what He’s leading you to do, but could be struggling with confidence to step out. There are spiritual and practical steps to exploring your purpose, as well as cultivating the confidence to be faithful to what you’re being called to do to make your unique difference in the world.

Why Should Purpose be a Priority in Midlife?

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. ~Ephesians 2:10 NIV

But you’re already busy and maybe even fairly content with your life. So why would it be important to spend time trying to find something new to add to your to-do list? Well…because finding the “good works” that God prepared for you to do in your lifetime is one of the reasons you were created!

And right now you’re in the middle of where God has led you thus far and where He wants to lead you for the next season. And intentionally seeking the path He wants you to take is actually your responsibility as a believer–to discover your specific purpose, or calling, and walk in it as He leads.

Walking in your purpose changes everything in your life–for the better! And even though you may feel content now, when you begin to discover and fulfill your Christian life purpose, your life will be changed when you’re productive in what really matters most, and find true fulfillment as you tap into what God’s planting in your heart to do your part in His Kingdom to change the world!

Interview Sharing Insights on Christian Life Purpose

I define purpose as living out who God designed you to be and what He’s called you to do. And when you do this, you impact lives and honor God.

And as a Christian Life Purpose Coach, I’m passionate about walking with Christian women in midlife to joyfully pursue their God-given purpose in their daily life and as their unique calling.

I had the honor of being a guest on Influencers Radio to discuss…

  • How knowing your purpose changes your life
  • Obstacles that hinder you from walking in your calling
  • Insights into discovering your God-given purpose in life
  • Tips on building confidence to step into what God’s called you to do
  • My own journey from a corporate career to my current work as my calling
  • And much more…

A brief clip of the interview is below. You can listen to the entire audio interview on the Influencers Radio show page HERE or their YouTube channel if you click HERE. I hope you’re blessed and inspired by this informative content.

The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out. ~Proverbs 20:5:NIV

When God reveals your purpose, it changes everything.

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