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Live Out Your True Identity & God-Given Purpose
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Spiritual & Practical Help to Fulfill Your Christian Purpose in Life

Do you feel led to discover, step out into, or walk further in your calling, but you keep holding back because of unclear direction, doubt, fear, or lack of support? 

My deepest desire is to encourage and equip Christian women in midlife who’re ready to stop holding back to get clarity about their true identity and God-given purpose so they can become and fulfill ALL God has purposed for them. 

Are you ready to wake up every day with passion and confidence, living out your Christian purpose in life and making the unique impact in the world you were born to make?

If your answer is yes, I invite you to check out my resources below to support you on your journey.

God has a purpose for your life. And I personally and prayerfully developed these to combine doable spiritual and practical steps to move you forward on your path of living out God’s purposes for you in your daily life and as your unique calling.

Arris Charles Life Purpose Coach

Featured Free Resources

Essential Guide to Recreating Yourself in Midlife as a Christian Woman

God wants you to live with more freedom in your soul, peace in your spirit, passion in your heart, and purpose in your life. Find out the 10 essentials to recreate yourself and your life to step into all God purposed for you inside and out!
Arris Charles Life Purpose Coach
Arris Charles Life Purpose Coach

Practical Guide to Unmistakably Knowing Your Identity in Christ: 2 Simple Tools to Grow Clarity & Confidence

God created you for a purpose and you can fully walk in it! Learn the 10 shifts in focus for fully knowing your identity in Christ and then take simple, yet effective spiritual and practical actions to renew your mind so you can stop holding back and live out your calling with clarity and confidence.

Purposeful Living Assessment & Reflections Guide

God has purpose and vision for all areas of your life. Assess where you are now, where God wants you to be, and what intentional actions you are being called to take to align with God’s vision for the major areas of your life.
Arris Charles Life Purpose Coach
Arris Charles Life Purpose Coach

Purpose Alignment Checklist:
7 Reflections to Align with God’s Purpose for My Life

God wants you to use your time wisely to be productive in what really matters and progressively grow in clarity and confidence to pursue your unique calling. Use this checklist of 7 reflections to guide you in discerning whether your current or potential daily life activities and significant life decisions align with a direction that leads you closer to discovering or progressing in your purpose.

“She helped me see the skills and talents I have and brought structure to how I can use them for my ministry. Having her listen to me and come up with ways I can move in my ministry was a true blessing and I felt truly heard and seen. I am able to start thinking about moving forward instead of feeling stuck and not knowing what to do as I was before.”

~Lori, Kansas

You’re not alone on your path of discovering, stepping out into, or walking further in your purpose.

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