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Christian Women's Path to Live with Passion & Purpose in Midlife
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 Walk in God’s Calling for You as a Christian Woman

Coaching for women who feel unfulfilled at home or work to find and fulfill their God-given purpose.


Are you tired of just going through the motions of daily life at home or work?

Are you ready to live life on purpose instead of by chance?

Who says that your to-do list can’t include you? Who says that “empty” has to be the description of your nest? Your list—your nest—your life—can be filled—and fulfilled—by things once forgotten and brand new that matter to you…for you.

Christian Life Purpose Coaching supports you in closing the gap between your life now and the life God meant for you to live…in ALL areas of your life.

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. ~John 10:10b

You can step into an extraordinary NEW VISION for your life by…

  • Using your unique personality, strengths, gifts and passions
  • Pursuing God’s purposes in your work and all areas of your life
  • Fulfilling God’s calling for your life to impact the world around you
  • Building a foundation of balance, self-care and empowering thoughts
Bible verse Ecclesiastes 3:1, To everything there is a season


Finding and fulfilling your purpose can transform your uninspiring life into a FULL LIFE...

  • Gain clarity to pursue goals to grow toward your potential and fulfill your purpose
  • Feel more peace in life transitions and challenges as you see the perspective of purpose
  • Make breakthroughs in areas you’re stuck as you shift to a victorious mindset
  • Feel freedom to be your authentic self and live true to your core values
  • Experience more contentment as you balance daily life with what matters most
  • Enhance wellbeing as you live more fully toward God’s vision for your life in all areas
  • Feel alive and more joy as your passions, strengths and gifts come to life
  • Grow in hope and confidence as you see new possibilities and step into new opportunities
  • Walk in more courage through your fears and life challenges as you’re filled with strength of purpose
  • Feel a sense of meaning and gratitude making the difference you feel called to make in the world
  • Make the impact God designed and prepared you for since before you were born
Empty nester feeling inspired

…for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose. ~Philippians 2:13

Coaching is a relationship in which I prayerfully support, encourage and collaborate with you to focus on honoring God’s will, walking in the Spirit, and reflecting Jesus Christ as you clearly define…

  • WHO you truly are inside and out
  • WHAT is God’s plan for your life
  • HOW best to reach your life goals

I do not advise my clients on what I think they should do as in counseling, consulting, mentoring or training relationships. I see you as a creative, resourceful and perfectly designed daughter of God and seek to draw from you the best solutions for you and work together with you to discover God’s plans and new possibilities.

Empty nester at desk with tablet reflecting on God's calling for her life

I tailor my approach to meet your individual needs and…

  • Focus only on your agenda
  • Ask thought-provoking questions
  • Foster clarity and forward movement
  • Share practical and spiritual insights and principles
  • Partner with you in prayer to seek God’s will in all areas
  • Create a safe environment for you to express your true self
  • Provide assessments and tools to facilitate discovery
  • Support you in how to discern God’s calling for your life
  • Facilitate decision-making, planning and problem-solving
  • Request voluntary actions to support forward movement
  • Provide support and encouragement so you never walk alone
Coffee cup and clipboard with Life Plan written on paper

Walking together in Christian life purpose coaching, as you’re empowered and guided by your walk with God in this season of change from just doing work to pursuing your life’s work, you can become and fulfill ALL God purposed!

You can live with more clarity, passion and fulfillment every day!

Coaching Sessions starting at $97

Coaching Packages starting at $337


Complimentary ‘From Tired to Inspired’ Strategy Session

Empty nester writing the word mission about God's calling for her life
Empty nester wearing volunteer shirt happy to know God's calling for her life

My joy comes from helping you make real, lasting life change…


“I received personal coaching from Arris during a major life transition. Working with her helped me to see more clearly how God was at work in my life during this trial. I am thankful for the new perspectives I gained through coaching. It’s made a real difference in the amount of peace and joy I feel in my daily life. I can tell that what she does is not just a job to her, but she really has a genuine heart that cares about other people.”

~ Educator/Texas

Coaching Ethics

In Life Coaching for Purpose and Christian Calling, I maintain professional boundaries, including confidentiality. Professional coaches abide by the Coaching Profession’s standards, competencies and code of ethics. You may find more detailed information through the International Coach Federation (ICF), and Christian Coaches Network International.

As a coach I guide and support you on your journey, but coaching requires your active participation in creating the results you desire. Coaching is not therapy or psychological counseling. If these are needed, it is your responsibility to seek these services from a licensed professional.

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Arris Charles Life Purpose Coach

I’m passionate about walking with my clients every step of the way…


“I had a great experience in the coaching group that Arris hosted. Having a Masters in Social work I had an idea of what to expect. The experience exceeded my expectation! Arris did a wonderful job of making everyone feel comfortable. She is humble and kind. Yet she also motivates clients to strive for more and set a higher standard, taking the next step and moving forward. She is so natural as a spiritual leader as well. By using her own examples and being ‘real’, people have a sense of being able to express themselves and open up too…..And I learned a lot about personal fears that were holding me back in my life and found skills to overcome them…I really got a lot out of the questions Arris asked and insights she shared to get us to think outside of the box, or as she called it “without the box”. Working with Arris helped me incorporate spiritual purpose into all aspects of my life, including work, and as a result I feel better.”

~ Nicole M./Arbonne International Consultant

Together, let’s discover God’s purpose for your life.

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My Gift to You: “Purposeful Living Assessment & Reflections Guide”