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Christian Women in Midlife…

  • Feeling unfulfilled, uninspired & plain tired of just going through the motions of life
  • Wanting to feel alive, not just checking off a to-do list and trying new hobbies in this season
  • Seeking to walk in exactly what God is calling you to every day
  • Knowing your heart longs to pursue your God-given purpose
  • Desiring to make the unique difference you’re called to make in the world
  • Ready to step into God’s extraordinary vision for your life

Christian Women’s Life Purpose Coaching…

  • Discover Your Unique God-Given Calling
  • Walk in God’s Purposes for Your Life in All Areas
  • Personalize Life Balance to be Productive in What Matters
  • Live with More Clarity, Confidence, Passion & Fulfillment

Live Inspired By Purpose Blog…

  • Blending Biblical Insights & Practical Actions to Walk in God’s  Purposes in All Areas of Life

‘Christian Woman Life Purpose Community’ Facebook Group…

  • For clarity, confidence and community as you joyfully puruse your God-given purpose and confidently walk in what God is calling you to in daily life


Be inspired by God's vision for your life
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I work with you to step into all you’re called to become & fulfill…


“Arris is dedicated to making a real and measurable difference in her clients’ lives. She has helped me personally to not just uncover the important values in my life, but to express those and put them to work. Our early work included identifying personal goals, which may sound simple, but the impact of this exercise worked in my life over the course of several months and was a cornerstone in the momentum which led me to start a business in my combined passions of technology and adult learning. Finally embodying my passions has made a huge, impactful difference in my day to day life.”

~ Silvia W./InTime Learning Co-Founder & CEO

Step into God’s Purpose for Your Life.

Whether you work at home, workout outside the home, work as a stay-at-home mom or are an empty nester looking for your life’s work…

God Created You for a Purpose! God Has a Vision for Your Life!

This is your time. This is your dance. Live every moment. Leave nothing to chance.

Swim in the sea. Drink of the deep. Embrace the mystery of ALL you can be.

“This is Your Time” by Michael W. Smith

Empty nest mom in sunset joyfully seeking God's vision for her life

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My Gift to You: “Purposeful Living Assessment & Reflections Guide”