Fully Knowing Your Identity in Christ

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My gift to you for purposeful living:
“Practical Guide to Unmistakably Knowing Your Identity in Christ”

If you find yourself holding back from stepping fully into your calling, it’s often a result of doubt or fear. The negative thoughts causing these feelings lower your confidence and limit your clarity about both your identity and purpose—leaving you settling for less than God’s best.

If you’re ready to overcome these inner obstacles and fully live out God’s plan for your life, I’m excited to offer you a resource with spiritual and practical steps to renew your mind so you can fully live out your purpose.

Clarity & Confidence of Purpose Grows from Clarity & Confidence of Identity

Have you lived a full life working toward personal, family, or career goals, and now you know it’s time to focus on your God-given purpose?

Are you going through a transition and you know what’s next for you is to step out into what God’s calling you to do, but fear and doubt keeps you from taking the leap?

Have you been pursuing your purpose for a while, but you keep getting stuck–and you know what’s really getting in the way is on the inside?

If you keep holding back, it’s usually because you struggle to see yourself the way God sees you—to fully embrace your true identity in Christ.

And if you don’t see yourself as capable, then you won’t see your purpose as possible, and you’ll keep holding back in your calling.

Hi, I’m Arris Charles, a Life Purpose Coach, wife, and mom of two young adult sons. Years ago, I was right where you are. And from personal experience, I can unmistakably tell you that no matter what you think right now, you are fully capable and your purpose is fully possible!

The key to overcoming the thoughts that cause fear and doubt or other feelings hindering your progress, is to renew your mind and get clarity and confidence about your true identity–fully knowing your identity in Christ and walking in it!

So as my gift to you, I’m offering the Practical Guide to Unmistakably Knowing Your Identity in Christ: 2 Simple Tools to Grow Clarity & Confidence to help you take captive and replace the thoughts holding you back with the truth so you can fully walk in God’s purpose and best for your life.

…the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace. ~Romans 8:6b (NASB)

Arris Charles Life Purpose Coach

My Free Gift to You… “Practical Guide to Unmistakably Knowing Your Identity in Christ:
2 Simple Tools to Grow Clarity & Confidence”

God created you for a purpose and you can fully walk in it! Learn the 10 shifts in focus for fully knowing your identity in Christ and then take simple, yet effective spiritual and practical actions to renew your mind so you can stop holding back and live out your calling with clarity and confidence.

I help you see yourself the way God sees you and see what’s possible with God.


“I received personal coaching from Arris during a major life transition. I had many new challenges and decisions to make and I had to really look inside myself to find out what was best for me.

Working with her helped me to see more clearly how God was at work in my life during this trial. I am thankful for the new perspectives I gained through coaching. It’s made a real difference in the amount of peace and joy I feel in my daily life.

I can tell that what she does is not just a job to her, but she really has a genuine heart that cares about other people.

The most impactful thing I took from it that I did not anticipate was identifying how my thought life has affected my views, feelings and reactions.


Fully live out your true identity and purpose with clarity and confidence!

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My Gift to You: “Practical Guide to Unmistakably Knowing Your Identity in Christ: 2 Simple Tools to Grow Clarity & Confidence”