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Journey from Tired to Inspired
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Fulfill God’s Purpose in All Areas of Your Life… Inside & Out

In my calling as a Life Purpose Coach, through my unwavering passion and constant support, I help women to live inspired by their purpose to step into God’s extraordinary vision for their life.

In light of my own journey, my heart holds special inspiration for walking with stay-at-home moms in a season of empty nest or soon to be an empty nester.

Have your dreams and identity got lost in your to-do list? Is your heart longing to discover who you are now and create a new life vision based on God’s will for your life? My passion is to help you live with more balance, passion and purpose in this new season of life.

Arris Charles, Christian Life Purpose Coach for Empty Nesters, with Bible

Journey from Tired to Inspired



A few years after transitioning from a corporate career to a new season as a stay-at-home mom, the Lord revealed my God-given purpose, which I felt led to fulfill by becoming a Life Coach.

While striving to care for my two busy boys, learn to cook when I didn’t like it, be a master of all trades for my household, build my business, serve in ministry, pursue my love of writing and lose the baby weight that clung to my mid-section for dear life, trying to control it ALL left me helpless.

In time, stressful life situations, along with my unrealistic expectations, lack of boundaries and my mindset bouncing between confidence and second guessing myself, left me living out of balance and feeling defeated.  Discouraged, I shrank back from my dreams of building my business and women’s ministry, abandoned the joy of my writing, left self-care dwindling and defaulted to daily going through the motions of checking off my to-do list. 

I loved being there for my family and others, but stopped being there for myself. Where I’d been inspired, I’d gotten tired.  Life happened…chronic pain…insomnia…relocations…leaving behind friends…inability to keep up with exercise…parenting and family challenges…stress…overwhelm…discouragement…LOSING MYSELF.Stay-at-home mom with hands on head looking stressed

Yet I was still keeping everything “perfectly” held together for the family and household (well…except for piles of laundry, dishes and paper clutter…and home-cooked dinners!).  Everyone could count on me…but me. My identity and dreams drifted away.


  • FIRST, I was LIVING DRIVEN by what I thought I was supposed to be and do in my home and work life–hoping God would bless MY plans. “Getting it all done” became my idol, hindering me from being fully present with my Lord, myself and my family, causing stress and overwhelm.
  • NEXT, I allowed myself to be tossed to and fro by circumstances and dragged down by my emotions, leaving me drained of peace, joy and passion, ultimately GIVING UP what God had gifted to me to bring wellness and fulfillment into my life.
  • FINALLY, through my struggles I was mostly WALKING ALONE, without much needed spiritual and practical support—which was an easy pit to fall into since we were always moving and I often stayed at home with my sons. And I found that even well-meaning people were often so busy with their own to-do lists or burdened by their own trials that it was a challenge to build deep, intimate relationships to openly share and work on change.

ONLY BY GOD’S GRACE…Stay-at-home mom almost in the empty nest season thankful standing in sunset

Fast forward some years and now I’ve tossed out the habit of just checking my “to-do” list “to do” life! With one young adult and one about to be, I’m soon joining God’s family of women in the empty nest. I’ve reconnected with who I really am, clarified my calling, and am patiently allowing God to lead me in His timing and ways to balance His purposes in all areas of my life.

Less became more when I stopped striving in the flesh and just letting life happen, and instead started trusting God in faith, balancing life based on His purposes and vision for my life and replacing my limited and distorted thinking with His truth.


  • Instead of living driven by the seeming success of outer results, I LEARNED TO LIVE INSPIRED by the finding God’s will for my life in all areas, walking in His timing and ways.
  • Instead of losing sight of who I am and how God uniquely designed me, I LEARNED TO be intentional to balance caring for others and managing responsibilities with making choices to FILL MYSELF with God’s truth and what breathes life into me.
  • Instead of isolating with my struggles, I LEARNED TO always seek to WALK WITH OTHERS who were likeminded to support one another through life’s ups and downs.

All of that is easier said than done, and even less easy when done on your own.  I am so thankful that by the grace of God I came out stronger on the other side. He’s not finished with me yet. And God’s grace can pull you through and make things new—and make you new even if some things don’t seem they may change. You can answer the question “What is God’s will for your life?” You can have a full life even if you are in the empty nest!

And NO MATTER who you are or what your past or present holds, YOU MATTER!

God has PURPOSE for you in all areas of your life and a unique CALLING for you to fulfill in His time. God’s WILL for your life now and in the future is extraordinary!

BECOME who you are! Live INSPIRED by purpose!

I walk with my clients as a coach and spiritual companion…


“The questions and discussion Arris brought to the table helped me to see new possibilities and see the type of thinking that was hindering my progress. She also helped me to find ways to break down my goal into smaller steps… Arris has the gift of helping people think outside of their mental boxes. She is giving of her whole self and real, not putting on a face. To me that is very refreshing. I recommend Heir to Life and think people should add the life coaching experience to the many colors of their life.”

~ M.L./Alabama

An Invitation to Inspiration

I called my coaching practice Heir to Life because that is how I see myself, my clients…and you—as heirs to an abundant, powerful and fulfilling life…right now!

We don’t have to wait until this…or until that…for God is walking with us right now.

I encourage you to make your personal vision as extraordinary as God’s vision for your life—being and doing more than you ever imagined! “Extraordinary” is from the Latin origin “extra ordinem” meaning “outside the normal course of events”. You don’t have to settle for just going through the motions. You can journey from tired to inspired. And you don’t have to walk alone.

My God-given purpose is to be a voice of truth, spiritual support and consistent companion to inspire women like you–entering a new season of life transitioning from stay-at-home mom to the empty nest–in becoming ALL that God uniquely purposed you to be. I help clients weave together personal vision, spiritual focus and practical actions to discern God’s will and develop custom life strategies for achieving lasting results.

I would be honored to walk with you, as you walk with God–and together we can keep sight of who God uniquely made you to be and create intentional plans to help you to live this next season of your life with more purpose, passion and fulfillment.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. ~Proverbs 13:12

Woman smiling at peace knowing God's will for her life in empty nest
Find your purpose written on nature image with woman standing

On a Personal Note

I’m happily married to my husband Ron and have two sons. We live in Pennsylvania where we are enjoying the experience of just the right amount of snow and less humidity compared to where we used to live in Louisiana and Texas. But we really miss authentic Cajun food from the south! I love stargazing and lighthouses–both of which remind me of God’s presence and power all around us.

People who know me say they’ve been helped by my genuine listening, spiritual insights, ability to draw out what’s deep in their heart and being real in sharing my own journey. My family, friends and clients know that they can trust me to be easily accessible, remain judgment free and give of my whole self to support them. My greatest passion is to continue to fulfill my God-given purpose and walk with women like you to step into God’s vision for your life.

Image: Portland Headlight with Full Moon – My favorite picture from a family vacation.

My Qualifications

I am a graduate of Coach U, a leading global provider of coach training programs meeting the requirements for accreditation by the International Coach Federation (ICF), and a member of Christian Coaches Network International.

I’ve completed specialized training earning Certificates in Coaching for Calling/Life Purpose and Cognitive Behavioral Coaching from the Institute for Life Coach Training, and Behavior Change Specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, from which I held a Certified Personal Trainer credential.

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Arris Charles, Christian Life Purpose Coach for Empty Nesters

Walk with me to step into God’s extraordinary vision for your life!

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