Are you longing to discover your purpose, but can’t seem to get organized enough to focus on this journey with God? Do you know your purpose and feel ready to start walking in your divine calling, but it seems like life itself just gets in the way of your forward movement?

Sometimes your heart and spirit can be ready to step into what God’s calling you to do, but your outer life may be in need of some preparation to enable you to move forward effectively. The method of management, or lack thereof, for the your outer life can directly impact your inner life, thus the pursuit of your purpose.

If you feel disorganized, distracted, overwhelmed fatigued, or frustrated from things related to your body, schedule, or environment, it’s harder for you to focus to hear God speaking to you and to freely plan and implement to make your vision from God a reality.

How to Prepare Your Outer Life for Walking in Your Divine Calling

She carefully watches everything in her household. ~Proverbs 31:27a NLT

Discovering, planning for and walking in your divine calling takes intention not just internally, but also in your external life. In my video, I share areas to prepare in your outer life to be ready to pursue your purpose and walk in it effectively.

The physical affects the emotional and mental. The practical affects the spiritual. The external affects the internal. And vice versa for all. So it’s necessary to take inventory of all of the areas of your life both inside and out and then seek the godly wisdom, support, structure, and tools you need to increase peace, order and harmony in your life–thus improving productivity in the things that truly matter.

Of course you can’t work on everything at once. But the Spirit will guide you in where you need to focus first–in fact, you probably already know what needs attention due to the effects this outer area is having on your inner being. Sometimes taking care of the things we tolerate really needs to become a higher priority because their resolution will make space in our mind and life for new, broader or deeper endeavors.

Coaching Reflections:

  1. What area of your outer life most tends to steal your peace or hinder the ease of getting things done?
  2. Where are you spending too much of your time and energy? not enough?
  3. What tools or resources are missing in your life that could help with balance and productivity?
  4. What is one change that’s overdue to make in your focus on self-care? in your physical environment set up?

If you’re ready to assess the inner and outer areas of your life and take doable action steps to move closer to the vision God has for you, click here to receive my free Purposeful Living Assessment and Reflections Guide to get you started on your journey.