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Live Life to the Full by Seeking God’s Will & God’s Direction for Your Life as a Woman of Faith


TESTIMONIALS…Empty nester smiling look up seeking God's will

See what clients are saying about the impact of Christian life coaching on their lives as they take action in seeking God’s will and God’s direction in all areas of life.

Begin your journey of seeking God’s will to step into God’s extraordinary vision for your life.

Live Life to the Full by Seeking God’s Will & God’s Direction for Your Life as a Woman of Faith



Empty nester smiling look up seeking God's will

See what clients are saying about the impact of Christian life coaching on their lives as they take action in seeking God’s will and God’s direction in all areas of life.

Begin your journey of seeking God’s will to step into God’s extraordinary vision for your life.

Now, I feel really confident in my heart about my capacity to give to the world because God created me with that capacity. He created me to show up. He created me to support, to encourage with the gift of hospitality. And it’s been an amazing seven weeks to uncover that purpose and to identify how I implement that moving forward into the next season.

So I started really, really confused and lost and sad because my previous purposes of being a mom and a wife were gone, to now stepping into the next chapter of feeling confident and clear on how I’m going to live the rest of my life passionately on purpose. So Arris, thank you so much for your help.

~ Michelle Andrishak, CEO of WOW! International Women in Business

Arris brought clarity to my passion for helping other women who have dealt with a lack of identity in Christ and struggle emotionally, socially, and financially. She helped me see the skills and talents I have and brought structure to how I can use them for my ministry.

Having her listen to me and come up with ways I can move in my ministry was a true blessing and I felt truly heard and seen. I am able to start thinking about moving forward instead of feeling stuck and not knowing what to do as I was before.

~ Lori, Kansas

I am grateful for Arris Charles and the insight she offered through our Purpose Clarity Session. As the founder of the ministry, The Faith to Flourish, I found myself struggling with defining the purpose and direction for the ministry moving forward.

Arris was patient with the process as she asked thought-provoking questions to guide me through the discovery process. By the end of our session, I experienced increased clarity in my purpose as a ministry leader, as well as improved insight into the direction to take moving forward.

It was at times difficult to find the words to describe what I was thinking and feeling, but because of her expertise as a coach, we were able to end our time together with a solid foundation for me to develop moving forward.

I can say without a doubt, I could not have accomplished in several weeks what Arris helped me accomplish in a few short hours. I can’t recommend her Purpose Clarity Session highly enough. It’s a necessary tool for anyone who is looking for clarity in discovering purpose in their life, ministry or career.

~ Dawn Ward, Founder of The Faith to Flourish, Author, Speaker

My Purpose Clarity Session with Arris Charles was so helpful! I started Warrior Women Blog ministry for women over a year ago and found myself stuck and unhappy in the direction it was headed. So I searched several different groups asking questions and trying to find help in determining the direction my ministry should go.

Arris was so kind and patient with all of my questions. She asked great questions and encouraged me to really dig down and think about what I’m doing, my ministry, and how I can help others.

I highly recommend contacting Arris if you need help gaining clarity in your journey.

~ Karen Ellis, Warrior Women Blog

Arris is an engaging, compassionate coach with an intense desire to see her clients accomplish their God-given dreams. She is intuitive and tenacious as she helps her clients understand and execute their purpose and calling.

~ Tammy Herzig

Arris has a way of listening and engaging that helps you dig deep and find the clarity you’re seeking. She actively listens and reflects back your thoughts in a way that puts the pieces of the puzzle togetherCreating a purpose statement together in the Purpose Clarity Session provides an overarching vision, giving you the direction you need to walk in your purpose and calling.

~ Sharon Hines, writer at

My experience working with Arris in a Purpose Clarity Session went far beyond all of my expectations. She had an incredible ability to work through my thoughts to create the clarity that I have been searching for for a very long time.

With her very specific questions, she helped me to create an image of my avatar that was super specific. I thought I knew my avatar. But we dug even deeper to fine-tune her hopes, dreams and desires as well as some really specific pain points. And now I have the clarity I need to keep moving forward in what God is calling me to do. I couldn’t recommend Arris more.

~ Wendy Wallace, One Exceptional Life

I was blessed to be able to have a clarity call with Arris! I have always had an idea of where I wanted my business to go and who I wanted to serve, but I had been on the fence about if it was really something that I could pursue. I felt leading but I needed some confirmation and to be able to talk it through with another sister in Christ who could hear my concerns and help me take the leap.

During our call, Arris was attentive and very intentional with her guidance. She was able to hear the ideas I had for moving forward and give me very actionable next steps for not only the next couple of months but also different directions that I could take my business!

Each question she asked helped me to see where the Lord was leading me and to feel more confident in what I need to do to continue to walk in my purpose! When I left the call I was ready to take action! Thank you Arris for your guidance and for helping me to believe that I can be successful in this journey!

~ Ashley H./Anchorage, AK

I found Arris when I was trying to find my voice as a writer as well as going through a career transition. Her life coaching support and services matched what I needed perfectly, and she has also been a delightful person to cross paths with.

Arris is full of compassion, and clearly works from a place of great care for others. She pulls from her faith, experience, heart, and so much more to walk alongside others no matter where they are on their life journey.

Through meeting with Arris I was able to find more clarity in the work that I wanted to do, while also feeling supported and encouraged along the way. I would highly recommend her life coaching services no matter what someone is navigating through.

~ Meghan C., Educator/Portland, OR

I started coaching with Arris in a stage of transition in my life where I was between churches and was seeking accountability. Our work together helped me to navigate launching the prayer ministry I felt called to start.

She also supported me in making major decisions that I’d put on the back shelf for too long, like going back to school to pursue a part of my purpose to help bring healing to people in ways beyond my current career focus.

We’ve been working together for many years and Arris has gotten to know me and my past and present challenges.

And the spiritual aspect of our conversations is very helpful with me being able to trust that any wisdom shared is coming from a Biblical perspective.

Since I’m a private person, coaching has helped me to have someone trustworthy to bounce ideas off of, give me things to think about, and remind me of things I’ve committed to. It’s helped to give structure to move forward in the whole spectrum of my life instead of compartmentalizing the different areas.

~ P.K./Charlotte, North Carolina

I received personal coaching from Arris during a major life transition. I had many new challenges and decisions to make and I had to really look inside myself to find out what was best for me. Even though Arris had never experienced what I was going through, Arris had the ability to meet me right where I was and help me to really understand what internal obstacles were getting in my way. Arris helped me to recognize and feel good about the unique personality that God gave me.

Working with her helped me to see more clearly how God was at work in my life during this trial. I am thankful for the new perspectives I gained through coaching. It’s made a real difference in the amount of peace and joy I feel in my daily life. She was a strong support to me, even when we didn’t have a session scheduled. And she still welcomed my calls and checked in with me even after our formal work together ended. I can tell that what she does is not just a job to her, but she really has a genuine heart that cares about other people.

Some months later Arris invited me to take part in a group coaching series that she thought would support the long-term changes I am working on in my life. Knowing the quality of her work, I didn’t hesitate to join. She was right on the money! This women’s group gave me new and deeper insights. The most impactful thing I took from it that I did not anticipate was identifying how my thought life has affected my views, feelings and reactions.

She asked me questions I never asked myself before and drew parallels from other struggles and successes in my life to help me see how I could be more effective with my current goals. Arris also helped our group understand how our spiritual life is very relevant to the day to day practical and little things that we struggle with trying to do on our own. I am more confident than ever that I will continue to have more victories as I spend more time with God to seek His will, even in the things I would normally think He would not care about. And after having these two really great experiences, if I ever get stuck or need support to take on something new, I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to go to Arris for more coaching.

~ Educator/Texas

Empty nest mom looking up smiling that she is walking in God's will for her life

Arris is dedicated to making a real and measurable difference in her clients’ lives. She has helped me personally to not just uncover the important values in my life, but to express those and put them to work. Our early work included identifying personal goals, which may sound simple, but the impact of this exercise worked in my life over the course of several months and was a cornerstone in the momentum which led me to start a business in my combined passions of technology and adult learning. Finally embodying my passions has made a huge, impactful difference in my day to day life.

Though her core focus was not in business coaching, I knew that Arris’s natural abilities and intuitiveness would be a great asset to me as CEO and to my Leadership Team as a whole. So I asked her to coach our organization. With her ability she has helped us with various issues including: leadership, teamwork, planning and organizational development. She is tirelessly creative and enthusiastic in her coaching. She has become the “glue” on our team, fostering cohesiveness, accountability and healthy team building. Arris is an integral key to our team’s success.

Beyond just coaching in specific areas, I have found much value in having Arris as a sounding board, to generate creative, yet practical, ideas, and to share her useful insights into people and situations. Much like she did with my personal goals, she is helping me to uncover who I am as a leader so that I can leverage my strengths and identify what the important values are for my company so that I can remain true to them. Arris takes a genuine interest in every aspect of my person and business and easily ties them all together so that I can keep the big picture in mind while digging into the details.

As we continue our coaching, I am continuously making new discoveries and taking more intentional forward movement with next steps. I see the vision of my corporation taking shape and I’m feeling the excitement grow more and more each week!

~ Silvia W./InTime Learning Co-Founder & CEO

Life coaching with Heir to Life was a good experience and encouraging for me. The small group atmosphere gave me insight into the area of my life that I wanted to improve. And I liked the way Arris helped me apply God to it. The questions and discussion Arris brought to the table helped me to see new possibilities and see the type of thinking that was hindering my progress. She also helped me to find ways to break down my goal into smaller steps. I am so excited about that because I can still work towards my goal without taking away from the time I want to spend with my son while he’s still little.

Arris has the gift of helping people think outside of their mental boxes. She is giving of her whole self and real, not putting on a face. To me that is very refreshing. I recommend Heir to Life and think people should add the life coaching experience to the many colors of their life.

~ M.L./Alabama

Empty nester holding journal happy that she knows God's direction

I had a great experience in the coaching group that Arris hosted. Having a Masters in Social work I had an idea of what to expect. The experience exceeded my expectation! Arris did a wonderful job of making everyone feel comfortable. She is humble and kind. Yet she also motivates clients to strive for more and set a higher standard, taking the next step and moving forward. She is so natural as a spiritual leader as well. By using her own examples and being ‘real’, people have a sense of being able to express themselves and open up too.

Before working with Arris, I had a really hard time getting organized and had piles of paper on my counter and near my computer. I had just started working at home for Arbonne and it really compounded my problem. My primary purpose in working with Arris was to start small and set goals. It was helpful to have a group to be accountable to. The environment was non-judgmental and I was encouraged by the support of others and by hearing other women make progress on personal goals.

I found the sessions extended far beyond the seemingly small or what seemed like insignificant goal I set out for myself. And I learned a lot about personal fears that were holding me back in my life and found skills to overcome them.

I really got a lot out of the questions Arris asked and insights she shared to get us to think outside of the box, or as she called it “without the box”. Working with Arris helped me incorporate spiritual purpose into all aspects of my life, including work, and as a result I feel better. Now I’m accomplishing more in terms of getting and staying organized!

I would definitely recommend group coaching to anyone who wants to make a change in their life.

~ Nicole M./Arbonne International Consultant

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