In midlife there are some seasons in which you’re more likely to find yourself feeling purposeless. You may be an empty nester whose kids are now grown and on their own, working in a career that isn’t a fit for you, entering retirement without a clue of what’s next, a stay-at-home mom who isn’t naturally content focusing only on caring for family and household, or just going through various struggles in life.

When you’ve lost your sense of meaning or significance, or when dark times cloud the light of life, you may experience undesired feelings that have a negative impact on your life. The unknowns, disappointments, and discontent can take a toll on you physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.

When Life Feels Purposeless You Can Find Hope

I invite you to listen to the insightful conversation I had with Kari Bartkus on her “Let’s Encourage One Another” podcast covering the following:

  • How feeling purposeless can affect you and your life
  • What seasons lend themselves to feeling purposeless
  • What obstacles keep you from walking in your purpose
  • How to begin to find purpose in your life in any season
  • How knowing your God-given purpose changes your life
  • Dealing with comparison and envy of another’s purpose
  • How to support a friend who is feeling purposeless
  • And more…
Click below to listen or tune into the Let’s Encourage One Another Podcast with host Kari Bartkus where you listen to your podcasts and search for Episode 58 “When Life Feels Purposeless with Life Purpose Coach Arris Charles”. Then continue reading this post for some steps to find hope in this season.

When Life Feels Purposeless with Life Purpose Coach Arris Charles

With the understanding of what can lead you to feeling purposeless and how knowing your purpose can make a difference in your life, it’s important to go beyond just knowing to taking action so you can begin to find purpose again or for the first time.

However, since you may be in a season where it’s best to be gentle with yourself, it’s best to move forward with doable, intentional, and strategic steps to begin to transform your thinking, feelings, and habits.

4 Steps to Find Hope In Seasons of Feeling Purposeless

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. ~Proverbs 13:12 NIV

Are you longing for more?
Maybe you’re asking, “Is this all there is to life?” Perhaps you’re tired of just settling for whatever life brings. Are you getting worn just going through the motions of daily life without passion and inspiration? Even though you know all believers are supposed to have a purpose, do you doubt you have one?

If you’re feeling unfulfilled, uncertainty and self-doubt, there are simple strategies you can implement that will transform you and your life from the inside out to replace feeling purposeless with feeling hopeful.

4 Purposeful Steps to Find H.O.P.E. When Feeling a Sense of Purposelessness:

Habits to uplift your mind, body and spirit in your schedule

If you’re feeling empty or worn, take out your calendar or to do list and put as a priority activities that engage your passions and fill your soul. Be intentional to find the parts of yourself that may have been left behind in life’s busyness. Identify new activities you’ve wanted to try.

Whether it’s intellectual or fun, 10 minutes or 60 minutes, on your own or with others, the soul care and self-care that comes with spiritual disciplines, physical activity, connecting with what brings you joy and a change from the daily grind will uplift your mood.

Observing where you need God to heal your heart

If you’re feeling unhappy or regret, spend time in the presence of God and in His Word to identify where you need to replace what’s burdening your heart and holding you back with His truth.

You can read my blog post 5 Steps to Renewing Your Mind on Purpose to find practical strategies to work on your thoughts and resulting feelings and actions.

People of like mind to walk alongside you in the spiritual and practical

If you’re feeling alone or rejected, connect with likeminded people who can be spiritual companions, personal encouragers, mentors, and whatever other role you need on your journey to cultivate more peace, joy, meaning, and confidence.

You can benefit from my post on knowing the 5 Supportive Relationships You Need to Pursue Purpose, which also gives insight on why those you might expect to support you on your journey sometimes don’t.

Exploring who you are and pursuing your unique purpose

If you’re feeling uncertain about yourself of your direction in life, or feeling unfulfilled overall, this is a clear invitation to begin the journey to discover how God designed you as a person and your unique God-given purpose, or calling.

You can find helpful ways to explore your purpose in my blog post Practical Steps to Fulfilling Your God-Given Purpose.

Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God. ~Psalm 42:5

You don’t have to stay stuck in the emotional state or purposeless place you’ve been in for this season.
By taking meaningful steps, you can find peace and joy reimagining your future to align with the vision God has for your life–a vision where you speak life to yourself, live life to the full, and use your life to impact others for His glory.

Purpose really does change everything and as you move closer to what God’s calling you to do in your daily life, you’ll more easily be able to connect with Him to reveal more of your unique life purpose. To help you on your journey. I’m offering a free “Purposeful Living Assessment & Reflections Guide”.

You can click here to get this simple to use resource that will help you assess the major areas of your daily life to identify where you need to better align with God’s vision for you, and then partner with God in reflection to take steps toward more purposeful, balanced and fulfilling living.