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“Purposeful Living Assessment & Reflections Guide”

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Purposeful Living Assessment and Reflections Guide

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Purposeful Living Assessment and Reflections Guide

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Purpose changes everything…and my purpose is to help you find yours!


“Arris also helped our group understand how our spiritual life is very relevant to the day to day practical and little things that we struggle with trying to do on our own. I am more confident than ever that I will continue to have more victories as I spend more time with God to seek His will, even in the things I would normally think He would not care about.”



 My Gift to You…

Tired of settling for less than God’s best for you? Ready to recreate yourself and your life for a new vision?

You can change lots of things to try to love yourself or your life more–new make-up, clothes, home decor, or job–but the happiness they bring is temporary at best.

Only changes that start on the inside allow you to create transformation that will translate to your outer life and bring true fulfillment.

Be set free in your soul. Prepare for real, lasting change. Create a life of passion, purpose and impact!
Step onto the path leading you to the freedom, foundation, and inspiration to transform from the inside out.

Purposeful Living Assessment and Reflections Guide

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My Gift to You: “Purposeful Living Assessment & Reflections Guide”