No matter what you are feeling inside–uncertainty of direction in work or life, concern for your kids if you’re a mom, worn out and needing renewal–God is with you through it all and you will be ok…another day…and the next…and the next. He is faithful. He will speak to you and respond to your needs. Be still and know that He is walking with you…every moment, every day.

Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand. Isaiah 41:10 NLT

I had a rough night. I was about to lay down to try to rest mind and body again and these words started flowing. I love to write poetry, but have not written a poem in years.

One of the ways God speaks to me is through the written word through me or others. The Lord was ministering to my spirit. This poem was laid on my heart.

~ by Arris Charles


I’m ok….another day

Through my pain or peace, if I drop the ball
God is with me through it all
I’m ok…as I pray

Through my thick and thin, big and small
God is with me through it all
I’m ok…and see the way

Through my silence and pleas, if I fall
God is with me through it all
I’m ok…I can say

Through my highs and lows, when I call
God is with me through it all
I’m ok…my burdens I lay

Through my lost and found, behind my wall
God is with me through it all
I’m ok…rest I may

Through my ins and outs, walk or crawl
God is with me through it all
I’m ok…another day

Remember God is Always With You

Can you relate? Are you assured that God is with you…that you are ok…another day? Trust Him. He is faithful and God is with you through it all.

Part of living inspired by purpose…on purpose, is intentionally choosing to trust God with your troubles and your heart.

It’s natural for us to go into worry model or fix-it mode when troubles arise. However, don’t forget the pure example of a child. Sometimes what you need is to run into the arms of the Father and be comforted by His love. Express your feelings. Cry it out. Rest in silence. Just breathe in His presence. Whatever you need from Him, He is faithful to always be there. You can trust Him in your time of need. God is always with you.

Christian Life Purpose Coaching Call to Action

Curl up in His lap today. Let Him lead you away from your turbulent currents and changing tides to still waters.

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