Don’t fret if you don’t know God’s purpose for your life. Don’t stop seeking more of your God-given purpose even if you feel you are already walking in your unique calling.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord… Col 3:23 NIV

God Has Purpose for You

After so many years of focusing much of your time on your daily to-do list for your family or a job at home or outside of the home, it may have begun to feel like the mundane day to day tasks and interactions did not have much value compared to the thought of something seemingly bigger or outside the realm of family or work.

However, in God’s eyes, the work you have done each day in every stage has been an investment in your personal and spiritual growth—which is fulfilling His purposes for you as preparation for what He will call you to as a special purpose in the next season of life. And as a bonus, if you are a mom, every moment you’ve spent caring for your children and family also has planted seeds to prepare them for their purpose as well!

We usually think of our purpose in relation to career, ministry, volunteer work or some larger service we perform out in the world. For some, you have a calling for your profession to be an expression of your purpose, and you may be planning for or already on that path. And for others, you may not yet know what unique purpose you were designed to bring to the world. Whatever stage you are in, God has a purpose for you that He is calling you to fulfill right now—even in your ordinary daily routine.

God has called us not only to a specific purpose unique to our person, passions and path, but also to another multi-focused purpose that fulfills His will for us. This purpose relates to all areas of our life growing to reflect God’s will and Christ’s ways, which ultimately prepares us to effectively fulfill our unique life purpose more effectively and joyfully. So rather than being about the usual focus of what we are DOING, our purpose is all about who we are BEING.

God’s Purpose for You Can be Fulfilled in Daily Life

So be encouraged! Your primary purpose God had in mind when he made you is already able to be fulfilled! Every moment of every day, you are on a path taking steps towards all you were made to become and fulfill!

Your Purpose is BECOMING…

@Work – honoring God’s ways as you carry out your duties and interact with others

@Home – shepherding your family and managing your household with love

@Spirit – connecting with God and growing in Christlikeness

@Mind – renewing your beliefs and thoughts to align with the mind of Christ

@Body – balancing rest and working towards your body’s personal best

@Relationships – cultivating relationships that honor God’s values and purposes

@Finances – practicing effective stewardship of all of your resources

@All Things – “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28 NIV)

Putting together ALL the puzzle pieces of what God calls us to do in ALL areas of our life is what creates our TRUE fulfillment of purpose. You can learn more detail about how to fulfill God’s purpose in these areas of your daily life in my post 5 Areas to Seek God to Find Purpose as a Christian Woman.

As you seek Him and work towards His purpose on purpose in all areas of your life, God will increasingly reveal more of your specific, unique purpose and calling, as well as empower you to carry out His extraordinary vision in all areas of your life, “for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill His good purpose.” (Philippians 2:13 NIV)

Steps to Grow Toward God’s Purpose for You

The following steps can help you to G.R.O.W. toward your purpose in each area of your life, every day and in all situations:

GAIN CLARITY on how to model the thoughts, words and actions of Jesus in each situation

REACH OUT for prayer and accountability from a trusted person as needed

OPEN THE BIBLE to study verses, principles and examples to apply in areas of struggle

WALK WITH GOD through prayer and meditation for wisdom and strength to follow His will

Just like you would train to improve in a career or activity, it is necessary to intentionally train yourself in mind, body and spirit to develop new habits, skills and strategies for personal and spiritual growth. Investing time in learning and practicing what God calls us to is the key for living with more peace, joy and purpose.

Christian Life Purpose Coaching Call to Action:

  1. In what areas of life must you shift to a view related to being on a path of purpose?
  2. What changes is the Spirit prompting you to make that will bring you closer to walking in God’s will and Christ’s ways in these areas?
  3. Journal or make a chart that lists the area of life you need to focus on, the related thoughts or behaviors that need to be changed, a relevant verse to meditate and recite out loud to renew your mind, the new thought or behavior to practice, and what your plan of action is to begin to grow. Prayerfully work on GROWing in this area.

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