As a Christian woman in midlife, you’ve faithfully taken care of everyone else over the years. You’ve perhaps contributed to your workplace, raised a family, or supported a spouse–or all of those at once. And now you want to take more time to focus more on taking care of yourself physically, as well as mentally and emotionally.

As a woman of faith, spiritual or soul care is also important. And you know that living with purpose–not just any purpose, but the one that God has called you to–is a part of growing spiritually into all that God created you to be.

You may often spend more days checking off your to-do list to be a good steward of your responsibilities. And to fill your time, you may try out different hobbies and do volunteer work. But maybe you still don’t feel fulfilled. You want to be inspired to wake up every day with more than just the mundane or the “good to do” things to focus on. Perhaps you don’t yet know what it looks like for you to live with purpose as God intended or if you already know your calling, maybe you have not made the space or built up the confidence to step out into it yet.

Living with Purpose Impacts You Both Inside and Out

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. ~Proverbs 13:12 NIV

Studies have shown that living with purpose positively affects our mental and emotional health, our cognitive abilities and our physical health. And as a believer, knowing that you’re aligned with God’s purpose for your life also adds to your spiritual health.

Our souls have a natural longing for walking in what we were made for. And our spirit has a longing to fulfill what our Creator intended for us. If we sense this longing and continue to put off exploring and eventually walking in our purpose, it will make our heart sick as the Proverb says–which can also lead to physical effects.

Knowing our purpose brings the type of meaning and fulfillment to our lives that nothing that we do apart from that calling can provide. In my video below, I share some of the ways that living with purpose impacts us on the inside and out.

Purposeful living in all areas of life help you to improve your mood, make better decisions, set healthy boundaries, be productive in what matters, add more passion to your life, and so much more. The source of direction in living with purpose is God because He made you and knows what you are specially equipped to do in your life.

Being intentional to seek God’s wisdom and direction to find out His purposes for you will begin to transform you and your life inside and out. You can find more about God’s purposes for you in the major areas of your life in my blog post 5 Areas to Seek God to Find Purpose as a Christian Woman.

Christian Life Coaching Reflections:

  1. In what areas of life are you struggling with feeling a strong sense of wellbeing?
  2. What change is God laying on your heart to make in these areas?
  3. Prayerfully decide on one action that you can take for the next 30 days to start to transform one area to better align with God’s vision for you.

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