When you start to understand how God designed you and what you were made for, you can design your life to not just fill your schedule, but to fill your heart. As a woman of faith, you of course seek God’s will in all things and don’t follow the philosophy of just do what makes you happy. But you can seek God’s will on how to best walk in what He is calling you to do while being true to yourself.

By true to yourself, I mean true to your unique God-given design—your personality, natural abilities, gifts, passions, body, and all that makes up your individual traits, then you will be be able to make choices in your daily life to experience more peace, productivity and fulfillment.

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. ~Psalm 139:13 NIV

In my video below, I share how the knowledge of God’s purpose for you and your life can support you in being true to yourself instead of living out of alignment with thought and habit patterns that aren’t a fit for you as a person.

How Your Purpose Helps You with Being True to Yourself

3 Ways Being True to Yourself Grows You More in Your Purpose

When you choose to begin to align your life with your design, then you can more easily become prepared to begin or further your journey to fulfill your calling. Though there are more, I’ll share below 3 ways that being true to yourself will help you to grow as a person to more effectively carry out your purpose.

1. Knowing your own personality and communication style will help you to more easily share your testimony and the gospel with others. For instance, you may be an introvert who is strong at intimate one-on-one conversations and so instead of sharing in front of larger groups, your strength will be connecting with someone on a deeper level and then sharing when the Spirit leads you to do so.

2. Understanding the energy patterns you have during the day will help you to personalize your schedule to do tasks when you will be most productive at them. For example, if you are definitely not a morning person, you may be more engaged to do your Bible study in the afternoon or evenings instead of following advice from others who are able to do so easily in the morning.

3. Connecting with your passions will help you to identify opportunities to walk in your special calling by trying out activities and engaging in communities with that same focus. For example, if you love hosting people in your home. You may have a gift of hospitality and a passion for encouraging or bringing together other people. So maybe starting a monthly gathering where people come for Bible study and game night might be something that can help you to serve others as well as enjoy the socializing and create an atmosphere that can be inviting to those who are alone or need to learn about God’s love.

Many things from outside of ourselves can make us feel like we are not enough just as we are, that we can’t do what we’re called to do, or that we’re wrong for some of the things about us that aren’t the same as those around us.

It’s difficult being true to yourself if you don’t believe that what makes you different from others is a positive. So if you struggle with seeing the beauty and value in who God made you to be inside and out, read 5 Steps to Renewing Your Mind on Purpose to help you to replace your negative thoughts with godly truth so you can see yourself how God sees you.

Christian Life Coaching Reflections:

  1. In what areas of your life are you not living true to who God made you to be and can feel it inside?
  2. What small change can you make to those areas that will create more peace and joy in your day? Try it out!
  3. How do your unique traits as a person add value to the people around you? If you don’t know, ask!

If you’re ready to understand and embrace who you really are, I invite you to contact me to request to schedule a complimentary “From Tired to Inspired” Strategy Session with me to look at where you are both within yourself and in your life, where God wants you to be, and how to take steps to move forward toward God’s vision for you.