Are you often pulled in so many different directions that it’s a challenge to hear God’s voice leading you? Do you really want to discover your purpose or move forward more consistently in it, but  get distracted by the world or discouraged by your own thoughts?

We pursue many goals in our life personally and professionally. But we often overlook the importance of setting inner life priorities, thus slow or completely stop the spiritual and personal growth God desires for us, making finding God’s purpose for us more difficult.

Finding God’s Purpose for You Requires Prioritizing Your Inner Life

Come near to God and he will come near to you. ~James 4:8a NIV

Your thoughts, attitudes, perspectives, character and other aspects of your inner life directly impact your ability to recognize God’s leading in finding God’s purpose for you. Even if you know your purpose, consistently moving forward on your path can be hindered when parts of your inner being aren’t aligned with God’s will and God’s Word.

In my video I share 4 priorities to set in your inner life to be better prepared when God moves to reveal more of your purpose or to provide opportunities for you to walk in it.

3 Inner Life Goals to Prepare You for Finding God’s Purpose

There are 3 main goals of inner life transformation that allow you to embody characteristics to fulfill what God is calling you to do.

Develop the Heart of God

Turn toward the desires of God’s heart and turn away from those things in your nature and the world that don’t align with His will. This allows you to be an effective instrument for the glory of God. Intentionally taking time to build a more intimate relationship with God will help you to discern what is pleasing to God and to genuinely want to follow His direction in all areas of life.

Develop the Mind of Christ

Fully surrendering all areas of your life to God requires your thoughts to be the same as Jesus so that it becomes your nature to choose to say “yet not my will, but yours be done” even if it is not comfortable for you. Learn to become aware of what you’re thinking, especially when your mindset and emotions are hindering you moving forward in what God is leading you to do. This will enable you to make a conscious choice to work to replace those thoughts with the truth of God’s Word.

Develop a Sense for the Spirit

Walk with God more closely in your daily life so you will increase your ability to sense the Holy Spirit prompting you in your spirit, heart and mind. This is important so that you can clearly recognize the voice of God versus your own voice when making decisions and take the steps that God wants you to in all areas of your life.

The more you prioritize working on your inner life, the more you will transform who you are being, which will naturally affect what you are doing. As your soul is shaped into the person God intended for you to be, your life path will be shaped in the direction God purposed for you.

In your mind and on your calendar, create space and reserve time to be in God’s presence, embrace His truth, and move forward in His purposes.

If you need support to work on your inner life priorities so that you can more clearly sense God’s leading and faithfully follow His will, I’m here to support you with a complimentary “From Tired to Inspired” Strategy Session. 

You can contact me to request to schedule this time reserved just for you where we’ll look at where you are and where God wants you to be and set some personalized strategies for finding God’s purpose for you or becoming more effective as you walk in your calling.